Putting our community first!

First, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Wayne County Commissioner over the past 3 years. Since taking office in April 2015 , I’ve been putting our community first by working closely with my colleagues and the County Executive Warren Evans to right the financial ship in Wayne County.

As you may be aware, Wayne County had been operating under a consent agreement due to the declaration of a “financial emergency” in 2015. I am happy to report that our financial outlook has significantly improved since then. We have eliminated an $82-million accumulated deficit, $52-million structural deficit and reduced unfunded liabilities by $1-billion.

Since I’ve been on the Commission, Wayne County has produced 3 straight budget surpluses and is on track for a 4th.   Despite significant progress, our work is not yet done. We are currently working with the county executive in approving a 2-year budget with the goal of continuing down the path of long-term fiscal stability. Improving the financial health of Wayne County and ensuring a return on our tax investment is one of the major ways I’ve been fighting to put our community first.

Additionally, I have been very busy working to ensure funding for neighborhood road projects, community park projects and the continuation of our therapeutic recreation program for disabled children. Working to secure these critical funds amidst our financial emergency was a major priority and led to our community being the first to benefit from road repairs made possible by the township road initiative program.

These and other road repairs were in full swing this construction season in our community. In addition to many asphalt resurfacing projects on major roads, many residents saw road crews doing resurfacing and repairs in their neighborhoods as part of the township road initiative.

Other major projects included:

  • Completion of Cherry Hill from Beck to Canton Center (widened, resurfaced, upgraded traffic signals)
  • Lotz from Cherry Hill to Michigan Ave. (paving)
  • Milling and resurfacing of Geddes from the county line to Denton.

Future projects include:

  • Pavement widening for a center turn lane at Geddes and Denton
  • Concrete reconstruction at Canton Center from Michigan Ave. to Geddes
  • Resurfacing existing asphalt on Warren from Beck to Canton Center.

I’m currently advocating for the pavement of Ridge from Warren to Ford and enforceable speed limit reductions along that stretch. Additionally, I plan to work closely with our township and state officials while advocating for the installation of a traffic signal at Ann Arbor Rd. and McClumpha in Plymouth Township. This is a very dangerous intersection with the largest high school campus in the nation just a short distance away.

As your Wayne County Commissioner, I’ll always put our community first and advocate for the safety of our children and residents. It has been a true privilege serving on your behalf and in the community I’m blessed to be able to call home. I hope to have the opportunity to continue the progress we’ve made together and would be honored to have your continued partnership and support in this year’s election on November 8th.

Humbly yours,

Joe Barone